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[Source: Columbus Daily Enquirer, November 23, 1899] 9) 1900 Massachusetts Institute of Technology Class Scrap Hugh C. Brown was now at the academy and the older boys, following their former custom, dropped him Into a cemented swimming basin 12 feet deep.

Moore died following a snapped neck in a traditional fight between first- and second-year students. The basin was dry at the time and tho lad received internal injuries from the fall.

Leggett died in a fall into a steep gorge while on a walk in the dark required by fraternity members.

Family claims that Leggett was blindfolded were disputed by the chapter.

21) 1908 WPI (Worcester Polytechnic Institute) Massachusetts Freshman-sophomore class hazing “…A rush which took place on the evening of September 22, 1908, on the common, resulted in the death of Emil S.

(Ernie) Grau, of Wareham, a member of the Class of 1911.

Obenchain died while participating in an annual scrap pitting first-year students against upperclass students.7) 1898 Decatur High School, Illinois (Corrected from earlier reference to Indiana).High School Physical Hazing According to Wikipedia and the Logansport Pharos-Tribune, freshman David C. A battle royal ensued and Jones died a few days later of a spinal injury.Grau was caught under a struggling mass of students and suffered a fracture of the spine.He died Sunday, September 27th, and was buried in Wareham the following Wednesday, the entire class attending the funeral, together with representatives of other classes and of the faculty. (However, the custom was started again soon after but called another name).

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