Battlefield veteran status not updating

Will it also work with loading 22Mags into the magazine that will be coming with my PMR30? jeff Do not know if my feed back is in the right place but I wanted to comment on the AMT Auto Mag ll just got my hands on one after looking for a whole.First problem was a sticky trigger it is appears the gun has never been cleaned or lubricated, after I did clean and lightly lube it with 3n1 oil it runs great.YOU AND NUGENT AND THOSE CLOWNS THE ROBERTSONS FROM LOUISIANA HAVE AN APPEARANCE OF FREAKS. Gun rights are not the only concern or right threatened. Hillary was the 2nd worst person to run for president. I will just have to try and get on with my life somehow, without your approval. Thanks again for this heads up article - as well as the many other interesting articles you have written! December 16, 2016 Jeff, In 1970 I purchased a Marlin 336C with a 4x Weaver Scope. After 4,000 rounds through my .30-30, I expected to see some equipment failures. I was told many years ago by my grandfather that with a .30-30 and a .45-70 you could hunt just about anything.GET A HAIRCUT AND PUT ON CLEAN CLOTHES AND LOSE THE STUPID HILLBILLY ATTITUDE. You use what you like, and I will use what I like, and neither of us are breaking any laws. Your prejudice against people who dress, talk, and groom differently than you is very obvious. At least she is smart and unlikely to get us all killed. I have always wanted the big-bore Marlin .45-70 for my collection.YOU ARE REPRESENTING THE GUN AND AMMO MANUFACTURERS WHO ARE WILLING TO ARM EVERY IDIOT IN THE NATION. Dave December 24, 2016 Jeff, Thanks for the review of the new Ruger .44 special GP100. While there are .357s galore at my disposal I do prefer the .44 special- always have- over the bark and bite of similar sized .357s...MANY OF WHOM SHOULDN'T HAVE DRIVERS LICENSES EITHER. The information and your presentation in the article made my decision to purchase the Kahr easier. To date, a .44 has either been a single-action, OR a larger magnum revolver, so I'm looking forward to checking one of the new Rugers out.Ego and bravado runs deep in this part of Texas and sometimes intellect takes a back seat to that.I don't tell the young dudes I've probably launched more lead out of a barrel of a weapon by the time I was 21, than they probably will in an entire lifetime.

The videos are fun, pleasant and informative as well. Erwin January 18, 2017 Jeff, Thank you for doing such a good job making informative videos. You have helped me in so many ways to climb the learning curve by explaining things in straightforward terms I can understand.

I would like to know if there is a magazine loader for the Kel Tec PMR 30 pistol I have on order.

I currently have one that loads 9mm for my Glock 17L and Kel Tec 9mm Sub 2000. April 10, 2017 It will not, but look at this video to see a very quick, easy way to make a loader for the Kel-Tec 22 Magnum.

I experienced no problems at all after about 500 rounds. Thanks Keith Riemer February 25, 2017 Jeff, Just viewed your first "Tales From The Gun Vault" youtube video `starring' your 1895 Winchester saddle ring carbine in .30-40 Krag (.30 army).

Very nice feel and balance, caution is to be given with the report may need ear protection sounds more like my 357. I just watched the Tales from the Vault video about the Winchester Model 1895. The format, combining a brief history of the rifle, a live fire demo, and a closeup tour of the firearm, made for an interesting, informative and entertaining presentation. Although not absolutely essential to your "Tales From The Gun Vault" presentations, the addition of chronographed velocity results and target images would be welcome.

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