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I didn’t read it as Peter saying, “I’m not that into you.” I wish he hadn’t come across so prickishly stubborn and unbending at times, but I interpreted what he was saying as an honest, “I have strong feelings for you, but I’ve known you for a total of like 12 hours, let’s just see how this goes without a forced and fake proposal that historically has meant little more than a preschooler proposing with a ring from a Cracker Jack box.” But I’m a sucker for an emotionally unavailable man you have to work for, so maybe don’t listen to me.

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And that’s not a difference you get around without breaking up and seeing if he comes around. I’m just going to keep going with this thing where I imagine myself in Rachel’s shoes because I feel like I relate to her.

Ali Barthwell: I didn’t think Rachel was attacking Peter, but she was really hurt, and if she had picked him, Peter had the potential to make her look and feel like a fool if he didn’t propose to her.

Up until that point, she hadn’t done anything to “attack” him, and her response seemed pretty matter-of-fact to me and not terrifying.

She’s cautious about love, so she believes she needs someone to be the jump-off-the-cliff person, which Bryan is — this may or may not prove to be a false belief. It all made Rachel seem so parched, so thirsty for a ring, regardless of who was handing her that curvy Neil Lane diamond.

Plus, we know Rachel is a pragmatist; the sure thing makes more sense, and it would just suck over time to keep hearing Peter say he’s a step behind. He wears the Swiss watch she “gave” him as a symbol of his undying devotion, ugly leather band and all. I feel like she was robbed of a gen-u-ine reality-TV happy ending.

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