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If you’re invited to someone’s home, take along a gift – a bottle of spirits, some tea or an ornamental trinket are good choices (anything too utilitarian could be considered patronizing) – though your hosts won’t impolitely open this in front of you.Restaurant bills are not shared out between the guests; instead, people will go to great lengths to pay the whole amount themselves.Show your love through being totally honest regarding your intentions.Since the reveals her feelings indirectly and in an elegant manner, she may indeed have strong feelings for you but not show or speak of them openly.The widespread habit of spitting, for example, though slowly on the wane, can be observed in buses, trains, restaurants and even inside people’s homes.Outside the company of urban sophisticates, it would not occur to people that there was anything disrespectful in delivering a powerful spit while in conversation with a stranger.The concept of dating for a single Chinese woman is sole ly to enable her to choose her future spouse.

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Typically a young single Chinese woman would find consider dating purely for pleasure totally unacceptable and intimidating.

Keep in mind that casual dating is not the norm except with a highly Westernized Chinese woman.

Expressing your love to your Chinese woman of choice is primarily about etiquette with respect to traditional Chinese culture, values and of course being a perfect gentleman.

This entails possessing a winning combination of exquisite manners, confidence without arrogance, humility without appearing as weak and holding your Chinese love interest in the highest regard with a view to marrying her.

When Things Become Physical with Your Chinese Princess Although virginity is highly regarded, premarital sex is often occurs on the second or third date as a faithful gesture that marriage will surely follow.

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