Dad dating after mom died

A: Yeah, I’m getting a lot of letters to the effect of “The aunt is trying to find out if her sister’s widow is dating again because she herself wants to date him,” which is at the very least, an ineffective strategy. His two most recent sexual partners are a girlfriend he had dated for a few months and an old flame who he hooked up with while she cheated on her boyfriend.

She might even consider the merits of minding her own business. Coming out of the poly closet: I am a woman in my mid-20s in a polyamorous relationship with two men and one woman. What’s the easiest way to carry on the conversation without having to unpick every aspect of my dating life for the past six years?

He’s not depressed or reclusive, but he doesn’t want to date.

But my aunt keeps asking, and it’s very uncomfortable for me.

My wife thinks that would be a blatant, hurtful signal of a friend breakup, so I should suck it up and see her one more time.

I just really, really want to avoid listening to racist, transphobic comments!

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