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Their wives spend their lives figuring ways of how to spend it. I was basically guiding Archana,who is new in town, on where to go and spend the money her husband makes (for them). I am well aware that I am mostly acquainted with upper middle class Indian women. I remember one Christmas it was decided I would be the one to shop for the food items. Of course they came with more goodies than were on the shopping list. My mother is retired but you would never know as she is out and about delivering food supplies to institutions and sitting on boards all over town and making her money. I personally run my own business and thankfully because of the Indian influence, I not only work from home but can now state with joy that I am home 70% of the time.

Literally, there was nothing else we talked about beyond those key things- for three hours. I acknowledge that many women around the world do love to shop. 🙂 Which begs the question, what do working Indian women do with their money? My grandmother worked in her farm till she dropped dead at 91.

She is a homemaker (In India this is the term used to refer to housewives…and I love it! We spent the afternoon discussing where to buy certain types of bags, lentils and toys for our kids. But I am yet to see her pay for a meal whenever we go out. And my father-in-law and my brother-in-law smile and say of course, do I have a choice?

This is a scene that plays out all the time while with Indian women. But I know that even the ones who are not high society spend a huge amount of what they earn shopping –mostly for fabrics, clothes and jewellery. Everyone went silent and due to their crestfallen faces the decision was immediately vetoed and it was agreed that my mom and sister would be the ones to shop. We just do not know how to relax and prepare meals, shop and take care of our families all day. I go to client offices and sites but am a work from home mom.

Have you ever wondered how in the world you got hard-wired to avoid or even flat out fear meeting attractive women to begin with?

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My husband is one lucky man (in this sense at least). I used to wonder too, why our women are out there working and earning.Out of nowhere..hottest, sexiest woman you've seen in weeks suddenly appears before your very eyes.Will you lose your nerve and back off as usual, or will you boldly introduce yourself this time?He went on to state `In today’s world this means give her your ATM cards’. Oh, Indian women, even the priest has mandated you to spend your man’s money with abandon 🙂 India makes you lose your innocence. You will find yourself becoming aware of things that you simply never saw before. I was recently sharing with a friend of mine- also a foreigner- just how in India one gets to experience every single emotion known to man in very many doses, consistently. Just when you think you have the people, place figured out, you discover that you really do not know what rhythm, what beat you are supposed to follow. Where there’s a clear distinction between who I was and who I am becoming.Things that existed before your very own eyes but you never gave much thought to, or even thought important. If you do immerse yourself with the people, the culture, you often get overwhelming emotions of anger, elation, despair, hope, shame, freedom, pain, joy, pride, desperation, LOVE. My friend who has now moved back home gushed that she could live in India forever. I often wonder what I can share here on my blog with my wonderful readers and followers while maintaining balance and at the same time revealing my own truths.

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