Dating game show killer

With Alcala's ability to charm, he was back out on the streets in less than three years.Within eight weeks he returned to prison for violating his parole for providing marijuana to a 13-year-old girl.Playing the role of a "groovy" film student, amateur photographer, single hot shot, Alcala moved around New York's single clubs.During the summer months, he worked at an all girl's summer drama camp in New Hampshire.Because of the brutality of the beating, they thought she was dead and begin to search for Alcala in the apartment.A police officer, returning to the kitchen, saw Tali struggling to breathe.

Alcala spent another two years behind bars and was released in 1977, again under the "indeterminate sentencing" program.At the age of 17, Alcala joined the Army and remained there until 1964 when he received a medical discharge after being diagnosed with a severe anti-social personality.Alcala, now out of the Army, enrolled in UCLA School of Fine Arts where is earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1968.After the Samsoe murder, Alcala rented a storage locker in Seattle, where police found hundreds of photos of young women and girls and a bag of personal items that they suspected belonged to Alcala's victims.A pair of earrings found in the bag were identified by Samsoe's mother as being a pair she owned.

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