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She also says she wasn't allowed to take the contract home before signing it. She says the first match was so off it seemed random or maybe a mistake.

"I did question that before I signed the contract, but the interviewer basically looked straight at me and said, 'You get what you pay for.'" "He said, 'You want a quality service, you want a quality man, we have what it takes, we can satisfy your needs. "It was so utterly ridiculous and out of touch with absolutely everything I said was important to me … I can't call it a mismatch — it's a no-match." Lifemates says there was a 90 per cent compatibility quotient between Klacansky and that individual. Her marriage of 26 years ended in 2012, and, last year, her daughter suggested she start dating again.

Klacansky says that when she asked what the service would cost, the company wouldn't say.

Instead, she was told she first had to be interviewed at a Lifemates office in Vancouver.

She says the first man wasn't what she told the company she was looking for.

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Klacansky describes the interview as a "draining...interrogation" that lasted more than 2½ hours.

She says she was asked about her divorce and other relationships, but that most of the questions were about her finances, including her income, bank accounts and credit cards.

She gave the company one more chance, but says the next match was no better. The response was cold and that I didn't give it a good chance.… "But I said I wouldn't go out with a man who doesn't even fit the basic profile of what I asked." Klacansky asked for a refund, but says what she got were "patronizing emails" from Lifemates Canada and an "outright refusal" to cancel her membership or offer compensation. "I found I was quite lost, lonely, and alone all the time," said Blackmer, who called Lifemates Canada after seeing the company's TV commercials.

Like Klacansky, Blackmer asked for the price upfront, but was told she had to go for an interview first.

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