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So even as Wall Street worries about Snapchat's slowing user growth and relentless imitation by Instagram, networks hope it can bring them the same young people steadily watching less TV and entice them to check out longer shows on bigger screens.

It's TV's chance to show everyone what successful transformation looks like. "This is much tougher than just shooting and uploading," says Tom Fishman, senior VP for audience growth and engagement at MTV Digital, which produced new versions of the former MTV series "Cribs" and "Girl Code" for Snapchat this summer.

to review the morning's script with producers who've been up tracking events like President Trump's overnight tweets.

They begin taping the first high-octane episode at a.m., post it at 7 a.m.—and start the next one at noon, to go up at 4 p.m.

Schwartz sounds more like a friend talking current events at the bar than an anchor reading a teleprompter.

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Andrew Springer doesn't sleep much, not since he started overseeing production of NBC News' twice-daily Snapchat Show, "Stay Tuned," in July.

Springer gets to 30 Rock, NBC's Manhattan headquarters, around a.m.

Freaky was eliminated by Mentalist in the Ro 4 of 2011 Global Star Craft II League November Preliminaries.

Freaky often participates in ESV TV Korean Weekly events where he managed to beat Gu Miho, who was a Code S player at the time.

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