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The classes at Hokkaido Ja LS are designed for a maximum of 6 people in each class.

This way, our teachers are able to coach our students individually, giving you plenty of chance to clarify doubts and practice Japanese.

Summer is the best season in Hokkaido so come and study Japanese and experience Japanese culture this year!

Hokkaido Ja LS has prepared summer course for those who are searching for a fun summer program.

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Compared to the rest of the Japan where July and August is hot Hokkaido’s weather remains cool and even in the hottest summers the average temperature is 22 ℃.We strongly encourage our short-term students to participate in the after-class activities.By speaking to our volunteers in Japanese, your language skills will advance rapidly and you will be able to enjoy speaking Japanese!The season from June till August is particularly good.Apart from Hokkaido in cities like Osaka and Tokyo June is the rainy season when it’s hot and humid.

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