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In drawing or impaneling such jury, do any act which is unfair, partial or improper in any respect, Every person who shall, directly or indirectly, solicit or request any person charged with the duty of preparing any jury list to put his or her name, or the name of any other person, on any such list shall be guilty of a gross misdemeanor.

[1911 C&P 58; RL 6323; NCL 10007] — (NRS A 1965, 621) Every juror and every person chosen or appointed arbitrator or referee who shall make any promise or agreement to give a verdict, judgment, report, award or decision for or against any party, or who shall willfully receive any communication, book, paper, instrument or information relating to a cause or matter pending before him or her, except according to the regular course of proceeding upon the trial or hearing of such cause or matter, shall be guilty of a gross misdemeanor.

NRS 199.180 Irregularity in administering oath or incompetency of witness no defense.

NRS 199.190 Deposition: When deemed to be complete.

Executes an affidavit or other instrument which contains a false statement before a person authorized to administer oaths or suborns any other person to do so, is guilty of perjury or subornation of perjury, as the case may be, which is a category D felony and shall be punished as provided in NRS 193.130.

[1911 C&P 85; A 1949, 111; 194] — (NRS A 1967, 464; 1977, 640; 1979, 1420; 1985, 129, 788; 1987, 654; 1995, 1174) 1.

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