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If the chatter continues along sexual lines of conversation, Negobot tags that chatter as “allegedly pedophile” and goes into full-on gaming mode.

Now Negobot will try to titillate that chatter to keep them talking as long as possible–and hopefully get them to reveal personal details about themselves and agree to a meetup.

However, using brilliant AI software–especially one that uses game theory–to lure potential predators is wrong. Negobot’s 14-year-old personality becomes more suggestive, more like the fantasy that every pedophile has in their head–hence the Lolita reference in my headline. To me, however, the designed purpose of this thing is much less interesting than the baked-in news that somebody has build a sex-aware chatbot that’s not laughably bad.

If you’ve ever seen those horrible fake chat-window popups that dating and camgirl sites use to try and lure you into their “free” sites, you’ll understand why this is big news.

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Oh Mi Bod’s SDK will be available in late spring alongside the company’s upgrade of its Blue Motion vibrators to Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

The company’s trademark is its line of smart sex toys that allow remote users to connect, like the Blue Motion NEX 1, which the wearer can slip inside their underwear to get sneaky sensations from their own paired device or from anyone else on their Wi-Fi with the companion app.

It’s not hard to imagine all kinds of interesting apps that could connect remote users to toys and to one another.

Of course, Oh Mi Bod is just one school of fish in the cyberdildonics sea.

There’s not exactly an established platform for sex toy developers, so things remain pretty brand and device specific, at least until someone like Oh Mi Bod attracts devs to an awesome open standard that manufacturers team up on.

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