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This human becomes his precious important person who he wishes to cherish, but there are other causes preventing this person to be safe and live a normal life.

He knows it's his fault, but he can't find himself to leave the stupid human. Sorey is just trying to live his life like any other teenager.

An extremely vaguely Revolutionary Girl Utena-flavored AU. Sorey returns after two hundred years, but his human body and his memory are gone.

The first person he sees is Mikleo, whose name is the only thing he can recall.

Roses, thorns, unyielding fate, and a white dress that never stains, no matter how much blood there is.

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--An AU in which Mikleo is Cinderella and Sorey is his Prince Charming (who's also a huge dork) Sorey's a charismatic TV show host.

Until Mikleo is 'taken,' and Sorey finds himself swept into a land of dark magic and wasted empires...

of half-demons and tainted seraphim save one who won't be broken.

Even if it meant playing a game of seduction and betrayal...

or being at the mercy of an angel he could never be ready for.

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