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Portland is a beautiful, cosmopolitan place with the cultural amenities of a major coastal metropolis and the laid-back ethos of a small Northwestern town.Despite rapidly rising rents in core neighborhoods, Portland is also not outrageously expensive to visit, as long as you don’t mind scouting out Airbnb rentals or staying in one of the dozens of unpretentious motels within the city limits.If you’re interested in learning more about Portland’s historical and cultural journey, check out some of these tourist-friendly sights and attractions.Occupying an entire block in the heart of Portland’s Old Town Chinatown neighborhood, Lan Su Chinese Garden is a formal Chinese garden with mesmerizing water features, delightfully detailed landscaping, engaging architecture, and a cozy (but busy) tea house.

The Portland Underground, also known as the Shanghai Tunnels, is definitely among the weirdest and most depressing of Portland’s historical attractions: an underground tunnel system, not unlike a smaller version of the Paris Catacombs, that human smugglers used to transport unsuspecting victims in the late 19th century.

High walls keep out street noise and bring inner peace within reach.

I can attest to Lan Su’s quiet power – I meant to zip through in 10 minutes and ended up staying for 30.

Located in Washington Park, the Oregon Zoo features dozens of animal species in a variety of spacious habitats.

Its collection ranges from North American favorites such as cougars and harbor seals, to more exotic inclusions such as colubus monkeys and orangutans.

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