Should companies allow co worker dating

In a nut shell she moved out of our Apartment on 2 seperate occasions this last summer and I didn't take her back the second time.Fast forward to present day..Tuesday I find out that they are now dating from one of my other co workers.Since then I've talked to my boss about transfering and have told both my ex girlfriend and my co worker who's office is right next to mine to fuck off and don't ever talk to me. My co worker isn't some random dude in a huge work place.Keep in mind he was doing this shit right under my nose.With the right tattoo, you can remember it forever, and share it with future loved ones. You didn't want her back and now she is free to choose who she dates. "If she was available would I date her again right now?" If the answer is no, then who cares who she dates.

You’ll meet someone who makes your eyes widen and your heartbeat quicken at a mere glance in your direction. I was having lunch with my friend Chelsea* when two colleagues from another department joined [...]At some point in your career it will inevitably happen.

I have done a casual search of the jobs that I am qualified for now that I have more experience.

One of the companies that is advertising several positions is the same company that my boyfriend (let's call him Alex) works for.

We might have talked about our relationship(s) over Happy Hour, but we never stormed into an office because of an issue. Never, ever, let this interfere with your work again. Even if you can't get past it, you have to be an adult and not acknowledge it at work then go home and cry. The lesson here is never get your meat and bread from the same store.

At university I was dating a girl that was in a few of my classes.

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