Small chap sex videos

If I sound cocky (pun intended), I make no apology.Frankly, I’m not going to worry about things I can’t control and, given the way life has turned out, I wouldn’t change a thing.

I watched porn, too, but I wasn’t particularly impressed. It was only when I lost my virginity that I found out.

The fact is, if I hadn’t been circumcised when I was nine years old (for religious reasons which are now irrelevant to me), my penis would look bigger. You get what you’re given, and I’ve learned to make the most of it.

Some positions aren’t great – doggy-style, for instance – and by and large I’ll try to stick to variations on missionary.

With the right planning (yes, I have to buy a smaller size of condom, which I order online), the size of my penis doesn’t affect me in any way. If you’re the kind of person who watches porn and thinks that’s even close to real life, then you should probably seek help.

I’m sure 99 per cent of men would feel inadequate alongside some of those steroid freaks pumped full of Viagra.

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