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The city, which Helward estimates is 1,500 feet (460 m) long and no more than 200 feet (61 m) high, is not on the planet Earth; the sun is disc shaped, with two spikes extending above and below its center.

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Intrigued, she replaces one of the village women and enters the city, which to her looks like no more than a misshapen office block. Having learned about the city, she leaves to apprise her superiors and to do some research. After the took attack, it was decided to educate the residents about their situation. Dissidents called the Terminators want to stop moving the city, and are willing to resort to sabotage to achieve their goal. A more imminent problem is a large, unavoidable body of water ahead with no opposite bank visible. Elizabeth explains to the citizens their true situation.The Barter Guild recruits labourers ("tooks") from the primitive, poverty-stricken nearby villages they pass, as well as women brought temporarily into the city to help combat the puzzling shortfall of female babies.The Militia provides protection, armed with crossbows, against tooks resentful of the city's hard bargaining and the taking of their women.After nearly two centuries, the city has reached the coast of Portugal, with only the Atlantic Ocean ahead.Most of the residents are convinced, but to Elizabeth's disappointment, Helward refuses to give up his beliefs.

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