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There wasn't one single photo request filled in all of 2007.

We don't wish to keep giving people false hope, so the decision has been made to leave these exisiting requests posted, but to not accept any new requests until we are once again fortunate enough to have some people able and interested in participating in this project.

The photo had a caption and was in the middle of the page.

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Would really appreciate some old pictures...never think to take them at the time! She had MS and the Kiwanis and other organizations inluding Ellsworth Decker and Gene Bourne built the house in 3 days to have it ready on Christmas day. I lived in Elmira during my teen years and always was infatuated and in love with Strathmont Mansion!Every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of my childhood I was at Parkview and at Eldridge Park. Trying to find any pictures of the house from older days. Thank you for any help, I will try to fulfill some other folks photo requests also.Too bad when your young you never think of taking pictures of these places. I miss the Restaurant and would like any image I could obtain. I'm interested in seeing any photos you have of the former Schanaker's diner in Elmira. Would appreciate any old pics of the patch team of that era.My great grandmother was a school teacher in a one room school house on Lattabrook Rd.

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