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Ha." Their mother, Sonia, goes back to college and becomes a social worker who eventually works with at-risk teens.In a 2016 interview with Buzz Feed, Sara talks about the influence of her mom's post-secondary education and advocacy on the sisters.They win and earn studio time, and the attention of the music industry."People in the industry asked us to open for bands that were coming to town," Tegan tells in 2000."I think Sara showed signs of anxiety in more extroverted ways, like asthma and hypochondria, after the divorce," Tegan writes. I'm glad they made us, but living apart was best for us all."I was very extroverted with my anxiety as well but it came as a need to please everyone. I believe divorce is normal and just part of what happens when two people fall out of love. That being said, when you're 4 it feels very personal and very life-shattering.Tegan and Sara (Tegan Rain Quin and Sara Kiersten Quin) (born September 19 1980, identical twins) are Canadian singer-songwriters.

My walls were covered in posters of my favourite bands. My mom would drop Tegan and I off at gigs when we were in junior high and we would use our allowance to buy demo tapes of local punk bands.According to a 2011 Q&A on their site, Tegan says their parents separate when they are four and divorce within the following two years.They see their father on weekends, and maintain a close relationship with both, but there's still some complicated fallout. Like, it looks awful, I mean, you're cringing in them," and the girl was like, "I got food poisoning the night before and I was up just getting sick all night and I was in so much pain and I got to the shoot and I was dehydrated and tired and I went to the hospital right afterwards," and Tyra was like--It was like a close up on her face all the sudden and she was all like, "You know, I had"--I can't remember what it was, some sort of disorder, some sort of thing--"and I was in incredible pain and I was cramping and blah blah blah blah blah"--you know, she's doing this whole thing and listing all the characteristics, all the symptoms of her disease, and she goes, "But you just model through it." And I was like, "Oh my god, that's fucking genius. Tegan: Well, Tyra was like, "Your pictures do not look good.

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