Transition from dating to marriage

“Be assured that it is myself; touch me and see; a spirit has not flesh and bones, as you see that I have.” ( Learning To Say I Do Meet Sara and Justin.Married in June 2011, they welcomed their first child in August 2012.And with these words I refer to the whole programme of your task as Christians. Leave behind false idealisms, fantasies, and what I usually call mystical wishful thinking: If only I hadn’t married; if only I had a different job or qualification; if only I were in better health; if only I were younger; if only I were older.Instead, turn to the most material and immediate reality, which is where our Lord is: “Look at my hands and my feet,” said the risen Jesus.As Justin and I wonder about all the “what ifs” and how EXACTLY life will be different, we also wonder how my new boss will change our lives.

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However, this makes living our daily lives as Christians more difficult.They’re trying to make their Catholic faith a priority as they juggle work and home responsibilities.In all regions of the world, most people over age 30 are either currently in a long-term coresidential sexual union, or they have been at one time in their lives.Early marriage is unlikely to satisfy those preconditions.Moreover, marriage during the teenage years is associated with an increased probability of divorce (Goldman, 1981; Singh and Samara, 1996; Tilson and Larsen, 2000), although studies have yet to establish whether it is early marriage per se or the characteristics of those who marry early that increases the risk of dissolution.

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