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Admittedly, the terrain colors limit the options for label colors, which is perhaps another strike against them.

Speaking of countries, where are the borders for Poland? They’re pretty hard to see, both on the scan and in the print.

One Nice Thing: I like their use of Tanaka’s illuminated contours: Arguably, you can criticize it for its stair-stepped appearance, but I find the aesthetic interesting and attractive.I think it does a nice job of bringing out the continental shelf.Also, don’t know what’s going on with the little white trapezoids in the north.You reach a point where adding more information simply obscures information already on the map, having a net effect of making your map less and less useful as you pile more data onto it. I spent quite a time figuring out what the letter “A” was doing by itself in France, before I realized that it was part of a word that was so spread out that my brain stopped processing it as one word.While tracking out labels to mimic the area of a feature is a useful practice, it can be taken too far.

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