Updating your web config to enable asp net ajax angela lonsdale dating

NET, a Script Manager and Script Manager Proxy is a mandatory control to be included in any Web page. Don't forget to share your comments, whether it's good or bad. One approach to improving page performance is to shift functionality from the server to the browser.A second option is to use invisible image tags at the start of the page body that preload the images.

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Along with this it is also used for partial postback (sending part of data to the server).

You can say AJAX, as a web browser technology, works on the client side and is independent of the web server.

Visual Studio has provided a tool to implement AJAX in our web application. NET webpages, first you need to add the Script Manager control available in your toolbox of Visual Studio.

Because Java Script is not compiled, it can be quite bulky.

This can affect page load times, especially if you use large Java Script libraries.

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