Word fields not updating

As for problem 1 described above, the key to the problem is to be found in the way you edit cross-referenced items. View the demo below for an explanation of how the problem occurs and how you can solve it.Situation: One or more cross-reference fields that should have referred to the text of a heading or another item contain too much text after updating fields. The demo also explains what to do in order to prevent such errors.Fields can be shown with gray shading on the screen so that it is easy distinguish fields from normal text. If you cannot see the fields, you risk to make changes that are lost when you update fields.Setting field shading to Always also makes it much easier to find cross-reference problems, if any.The article also introduces you to Doc Tools Cross Reference Manager – an advanced Word add-in that makes the work with cross-references much faster and easier and that can help you automatically repair and prevent cross-reference problems in the future.You are welcome to use the macros and Word tips provided on this website. You may not reproduce any of contents (with or without modification or credits) elsewhere on the web, or on CD.Microsoft Word quickly adds an editable figure number through its Insert Caption function to make referencing images and graphs intuitive.

In addition, Doc Tools Cross Reference Manager includes smart and efficient cross-reference features that are not found elsewhere.

Optionally, click "Numbers" to select a different number format. Alternatively, press "F9" to quickly update numbers.

You may sometimes experience that one or more cross-reference fields in a document do not show the correct content.

This advanced add-in is not free but the return on investment is almost immediate.

It will make all your future work with cross-reference faster and easier.

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