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(1970s dress with angel sleeves, via La Belle Vintage) Fashion in the 1970s featured a variety of collar styles for both men and women.The most common was probably the elongated pointed collar on dress shirts, known as a Barrymore and/or Poet Collar.Another huge fashion”line” during this time was the empire waistline.This waistline emphasized the length of a maxi dress and created a long, lean silhouette.

This was a method that people could do at home to customize their own garments, which helped greatly with its popularity.

Zippered closures were positioned in the center back of garments, as opposed to the side.

Machine serged edges in the seam allowances of garments became commonplace during this time period.

On the flip side, there was the disco movement, which was all about tight fitting, shiny and sparkly clothing.

(Donna Summer in a variety of amazing disco outfits, via What the Frock?

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